About Junction Buoy

Located in the heart of Marysville, Michigan on the St Clair river, Junction Buoy is one of the area’s most popular places for friends to meet. Originally established in 1937, and then known as Club Seaway, the building maintains its original character and charm. Later renamed Junction Buoy, the restaurant received its name from the term defining the separation of two channels. In this case, Junction Buoy designates the shipping channel which is host to many freighters traveling up and down river.

Current mother and daughter duo owners, Sylvia Cowhy and Kim Roberts, capture the nautical ambiance by creating a warm and inviting experience for everyone. With a passion for delicious dining and a passion for serving people, Junction Buoy offers more than just a commitment to a great meal. With an eclectic menu and unforgettable service, Junction Buoy offers the perfect spot for residents and visitors alike to enjoy the Great Lakes freighters travelling by. We hope you will join us soon!